Islamic Propaganda in Malaysia Targeting Children and Adults

March 20, 2015 by Open Doors in Asia

Pray against an Islamic campaign targeting children in government-run kindergartens in Malaysia as they begin distributing free children’s books entitled, “Jesus says Islam is the True Religion.” In addition, Islamic evangelists are also distributing a book for adults entitled, “Is Jesus a Muslim.”

According to Malaysian Insider, the Islamic Information and Services Foundation—sponsored by influential patron, Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohammad—is undertaking a project to publically distribute one million copies of the Quran in the Tamil, Chinese, English, and Malay languages. Though their expressed goal is to alleviate any misconceptions and fear of Islam amongst non-Muslims, many believe that their true intention is to gain converts to Islam.

Father, we praise You for Your faithful church in Malaysia, and for the families who are raising their children to know and love You with their whole hearts. We pray that You will put a hedge of protection around them all from the aggressive attempts to convert them to Islam. We pray especially for the children and for those who are new or weak in their knowledge of Scripture and Your faithfulness to them. Protect their hearts and minds, Father, and give them eyes to see the motives behind these distributions of Islamic literature. We pray for church leaders to provide strong discipleship and Bible training; that those in their care will be able to discern false teaching and stand against it. And as Muslims attempt to persuade Christians to turn to Islam, we pray for the resulting opportunities for those Christians to boldly share the Bible and the gospel of Christ in return. We pray that the Holy Spirit will cause the Word thus planted in hearts and minds to sprout and grow into salvation and life in Christ. In the name of Jesus, whose Spirit breathes life and saving faith into those who seek His Word, Amen.

Join others in praying.