July Prayer Points

July 6, 2016 by Janelle P in United States

Here are July’s prayer points after the end of Ramadan (July 5):


July 6

Through Open Doors literacy classes, about a hundred thousand men and women have learned to read. Please pray that these individuals would be diligent in reading God’s Word when it’s available.

July 7        

Renouncing her faith is not an option for Cherifa*, but since the beginning of Ramadan last month, pressure has increased. Pray that the Lord would provide her peace in her trials.

July 8

With recent changes within the European Union (EU), including Brexit, please pray with us that human rights would not decrease in priority, as refugees need unprecedented assistance.

July 9

Although Egypt has not fully implemented Sharia law, in which Christians would be sentenced to death, believers often face lengthy jail sentences. Mohammed Hegazy is imprisoned for his faith; pray that his time in chains would bring much glory to God.

July 10

Colombians are celebrating after more than half a century of civil war brought to an end on June 23. Please pray that, God willing, relations within the church would also be defined as peaceful.

July 11

In Nigeria, Bridget (a pastor’s wife) was recently ambushed and killed by an angry mob for alleged blasphemy. Pray for the family and fearful community she leaves behind.

July 12

Countries like Oman and Brunei usually don’t receive as much news attention as other World Watch List countries; please remember to pray for these nations today.

July 13

Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and Sudan all rank in the top 10 of Transparency International’s annual survey of global corruption. Pray that leaders who aren’t honoring justice would be changed by the beautiful and truthful gospel of Jesus.

July 14

Maryam, imprisoned in Iran for her faith, has gone on a hunger strike for the prison’s refusal to treat her health issues. Pray that this sister would receive care for her needs and that she would treat those around her with grace.

July 15

Protecting freedom of religion has been one of Myanmar’s biggest challenges. Join us to pray for this basic, foundational human right to be upheld in this nation.

July 16

The Islamic extremist group, Boko Haram, claims ties to the Muslim faith. Pray that there would be many ‘Saul to Paul’ conversion among this group, as well as within ISIS.

July 17

Recent raids on Christian homes and churches in Kazakhstan have seemingly been a step backwards following recent positive strides. Pray that believers would stand strong despite the raids.

July 18

Join us to praise God for the second Chibok girl being rescued in Nigeria. Pray that the other 217 girls that were kidnapped in 2014 would be returned to their families safely and soon.

July 19

Marcelo Nieva, an Argentinian pastor, continues to face intimidation and threats. 18 months ago, his colleague was shot. His wife is pregnant, so please pray for this couple to rely on Jesus through the uncertainty and that they would be protected, God willing.

July 20

Eritrea has been accused of “systematic, gross and widespread crimes against humanity” by the United Nations. Pray that believers here would be preserved in their faith, despite the hard earthly conditions.

July 21

There are many Muslims worldwide that are fed up with Islamic extremist groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram, and do not wish to be associated with them. Pray with us, that we would not view the entire Muslim faith based on these extremists, and that we would seek to share the truth with them.

July 22

Women and children often suffer at the hands of Boko Haram as part of their carefully calculated design for intimidation. Pray that justice would prevail, and women and children would not be taken advantage of.

July 23

Libyan believer, Maisah*, was beaten and threatened to be killed; running away was her only option. Pray for this sister to receive unexplainable joy in the Lord even though the world may hate her.

July 24

God is drawing people to Himself in many different ways. Pray that radio and TV programs would be seen by many, and that thousands would find truth today!

July 25

Since 2015, more than 150 Christians have been detained by Iranian authorities. Pray that God would use their time in prison to bring their fellow prisoners to saving faith in Jesus.

July 26

Believers are called to be in God’s Word in order to receive strength and knowledge of the gospel. Pray that Open Doors Bible and Gospel Development programs would receive funding and provide many believers with their own Bible.

July 27

We have heard countless stories of Muslims coming to Christ during Ramadan, which ended earlier this month. Pray that many would continue to come to saving faith in Jesus.

July 28

Christians around the world must memorize parts of Scripture because possessing a Bible could get them killed. Pray for God to give them excellent memorization abilities to treasure His Word in their heart.

July 29

“In 2014, 11 of us refused to renounce our faith, so we were transferred to an underground prison.” Pray that believers in Eritrea would turn to the gospel when everything is uncertain around them and Christians often become martyrs.

July 30

Open Doors Standing Strong Through the Storm trainings help to equip and prepare believers for persecution. Pray that these trainings would be effective and fruitful.

July 31

For believers in Central Asia like Mira and Murat, creativity is important when sharing the gospel. They cannot openly share their faith. Pray that their unique efforts would be blessed.

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