Khartoum High Court Begins Trial of Four Christians

August 25, 2016 by Janelle P in Africa

The Khartoum North High Court has begun the trial for Czech missionary and filmmaker, Petr Jasek, and three Sudanese pastors, who have been charged with conducting intelligence activities and providing material support for the rebels in South Kordofan. The evidence, which police confiscated from Jasek, is said to show Christian persecution, killing of civilians, genocide and the burning of villages. According to Jasek, the confiscated videos and files were received from a colleague in South Kordofan in 2012.

Sudanese Pastors Hassan, Kuwa and Adulmonem are being tried along with Jasek in the proceedings that began August 21. The Sudan Tribune reports that the prosecutors are seeking to show evidence that the men fabricated the videos and information about incidents of persecution and then distributed it in order to “distort the image of the government” and thereby “put international pressure on the country.”

Jasek and one of the other defendants deny the accuracy of the charges; the other two approved their statements as presented by the prosecution. Tight security measures are being enforced during the trial.

Source: The Sudan Tribune

Father, we turn to You today as the one true and living God who hears the cry of His people and saves. So much suffering has taken place in South Kordofan and we pray for these men who have tried to bring that suffering to light. We pray Your protection over them in the midst of this trial and, whether they are set free or kept in prison, we pray that Your Holy Spirit will sustain and encourage them daily in Your Word. Watch over their families and reunite them soon. In the Name of Jesus, our anchor of hope in the storms of life. Amen.

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