Kim Jong-Un Officially Becomes Number Two

September 29, 2010 by Open Doors in General

North Korean Statue

North Korea – Kim Jong-Un Officially Becomes Number Two
Kim Jong-Un, the third son of the current leader Kim Jong-Il has been elected to the Central Committee of the Party and made Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Party through the Workers’ Party Delegates’ Conference, the Chosun Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Sept 29.

In addition, the website Daily NK quotes a North Korean, saying, “It was obvious that Kim Jong-Un would become the successor after he was conferred with the People’s Army general title [on Monday].” The ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong-Il was also reappointed as General Secretary of the Worker’s Party during the rare conference. It’s hard to predict what the next step will be to ensure a smooth power transfer towards his son. There is symbolic significance in these appointments, it gestures that North Korea will maintain the military-first political line and stance, meaning that the army is the most important factor in society. In all decisions, the military will be the main beneficiary. In light of the recent flooding and famine, this means that the army will get food before the people do.

Open Doors’ World Watch List of the worst persecutors of Christians in the world has named North Korea as No. 1 on the list for eight straight years. Dr. Carl Moeller, president/CEO of Open Doors USA, says, “Change has come to North Korea. We need to pray for the Christians there – including the estimated 70,000 believers who are suffering in North Korean prison camps where 200,000 people are held. Pray that the new leadership will not be business as usual.”

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Father, we come to You on behalf of North Korea, asking for a miraculous change in the hearts of the country’s leaders. On our knees we join in prayer for not only a godly government but for fairness and justice in the distribution of food and resources. We also pray for Christians who are suffering and ask for their freedom to worship You freely, as well as freedom from the prison camps. Please strengthen the believers there now as they trust in You as their daily bread.


September Updates from the Field

Iraq– Open Doors, in cooperation with local churches and Christian groups, recently conducted interactive biblical training seminars in Northern Iraq. After the training, one student shared, “I learned how we grow up in Jesus Christ and how to make disciples. It was good to hear how to evangelize towards the people and the way to explain the nature of God. For me personally it was good to take time for areas I need to change to look more like Him. I want to live a holy life, make disciples, carry my cross, and dedicate my life to Christ.”

Iraq – Rania, an Iraqi general nurse, reports on the most recent series of First-Aid training seminars for Christian refugees, “We have started the 1st First-Aid project with great enthusiasm. There were 13 ladies and one man who attended the sessions in the church hall of in the village. Each session we start with prayer and each participant received a medical kit and a Bible when the course finished. It is wonderful to train the Christian refugees practically, but also spiritually.” Rania will organize additional First-Aid training session in the coming months in different villages.

China – Alimjan Yimit, a Uyghur Christian held in detention since January 2008 and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, has recently been allowed to receive monthly visits from his family. In April Alimjan’s wife visited him; this was the first visit from family members since his arrest. His now four year old son, “barely recognized his father; he could only stare at the strange man, separated from him by a wall of glass,” reported China Aid. Alimjan saw his family again for 20 minutes in May, but they were denied their scheduled monthly visit in June. Prison officials demanded a new letter that was written and stamped by Public Security but the local PS Bureau said that it was unnecessary and refused to cooperate. Fortunately in July Gulnur, Alimjan’s wife, was again able to visit.

The family asks for prayers for health and protection for Alimjan, for their two sons who badly miss their father, for Gulnur in all the daily challenges of life as a single mother, and that Alimjan will be able to receive mail while in prison.

How can you help? Write a note of encouragement to Gulner and the boys letting them know that they are not alone.

Father God, we thank and praise You for the training seminars in Northern Iraq, and ask for protection over the trainers and the participants while they attend the sessions. We pray that the students would continue to grow in godliness through Your Word, ultimately glorifying You with their lives. Father we praise You! Also we pray for Alimjan and his family, Father we ask that You provide for their every need.

Join others in praying.