“Know Your Way”

May 15, 2013 by Open Doors in General

Middle Eeast

Fouad (not his real name) is from a very prominent, conservative Muslim family in the Middle East. The oldest son in his family, he was destined to become one of the next generation’s leaders. God, however, had a different plan for his life.

Fouad always had his doubts about the religious traditions into which he was born. The way he saw it, unconditional love was the highest virtue in life. Yet, when he studied the Quran and the teachings of Islam, he did not find it in Allah. He therefore wondered, “Is my God perfect?” And then, “If my God is not perfect, what is my religion worth?”

At the age of 21, he had a dream in which he was hopelessly lost in a vast desert. He knew that if nothing happened he would die. Then he saw a stairway coming out of the sand, with three people walking up on it-two smaller women in black, on either side of a bigger person, a man in white.

As he followed them up the stairs, the man in white turned towards him. Fouad could not see his face because there was too much light, but he put his hand on Fouad’s shoulder and said to him, “Fouad, know your way.” Fouad woke up and somehow linked this dream about the man in white to Christianity. He asked for a Bible at a local church, was given one, and started to read. He was intrigued; reading the Bible was like cool water flowing down his parched throat. For so long he felt that he had been thirsty, and now, for the first time, he found something that could actually quench his thirst.

After receiving the Bible, Fouad had a second dream. The same man in white appeared and simply said to him, “Fouad, you are on the right way.”

The first two dreams were already overwhelming, but the third dream changed his whole world.

While sharing the dream with a Christian friend, Fouad couldn’t stop crying. He believes that this was not just a dream, but that he was actually, physically, taken by men, and angels, to a place high above the earth, where there was a massive white structure on square pillars. Out of this enormous building came an incredible light, and it was clear to everyone present – countless numbers of humans and angels – that someone of the highest majesty was present. And that someone was absolutely perfect. He did not want to leave, but they brought him back. Fouad even remembers physically touching his bed again, as if they put him back in bed. When he woke up, he noticed that his cheeks were wet. He had been crying in the presence of God. That night Fouad gave his life to Jesus.

When his family found out about his new faith, his uncles threatened to kill him. He found protection only because his grandfather, the pater familias, who loved him deeply, forbade them from harming him. After his grandfather died, however, there was no one to protect him. At the funeral, Fouad’s mother begged him to leave the country immediately – so Fouad fled. Adjusting to a new life was extremely difficult for him, especially at first when all family ties were cut.

Although contact has now been restored with his parents and siblings, the rest of his family remains hostile. Recently Fouad was permitted to visit his family; at a family gathering, one of his aunts publicly spit in his face. Fouad said it was very hard to take, but the only thing he had said to her was that he loved her.

Father, we praise You for the glorious way in which You drew Fouad unto Yourself and strengthened him through Your Word and Your Spirit within him. Help Fouad to bear up under the hostility of family and friends, but even more, we pray that You will use the testimony of Your peace and love within him to draw others to faith as well. In the name of Jesus, our glorious presence, Amen.

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