Legal Assistance in Mexico

July 21, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Christians in some areas of Mexico have many needs and one of them is for legal assistance. Mexico is home to three categories of Christianity: historical Christian communities, communities of converts to Christianity (where converts may be from an indigenous or mafia background) and non-traditional Protestant Christian communities. All suffer persecution but there are differences between the persecution engines. Organized corruption and crime affects all Christians but particularly those who actively engage in social transformation and therefore constitute a threat to drug cartels and other criminal groups. The persecution engine Ethnic antagonism focuses mainly on the situation for those converting from indigenous traditional beliefs to non-traditional Protestant denominations, but members of the Catholic Renewal Movement have also been targeted. Secular intolerance affects all Christian communities. Denominational protectionism affects all non-traditional forms of Christianity.

Open Doors has been providing legal support for several cases of persecution in Mexico over the years. Currently there are legal matters being addressed in Chiapas and Jalisco.



Our holy, righteous and just God, we lift before Your throne of grace today Christians in Chiapas and Jalisco states. We pray for those who have been displaced from their homes because of their faith in Christ and for those who are suffering other kinds of pressure from their communities and families. We pray that they will be strengthened by Your Holy Spirit to respond in godly integrity even as they seek justice. We pray for the attorneys representing them, that they will receive just favor from the courts on behalf of their clients. Thank You for the work of Christians in Mexico to strive toward social transformation through the gospel of Christ and we pray that the gospel will indeed transform this nation and bring glory to the name of our Lord Jesus. In the name of Jesus, who loves righteousness and justice, Amen.

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