Lighting Up the Lives of India’s Children

June 24, 2016 by Janelle P in Asia

The majority of Christians in the rapidly growing church in North and Central India are first-generation believers. Most of these emerging churches are in poor communities and suffer from a shortage of Bibles for even adult members, Children’s ministries in these impoverished areas are either very basic or not present at all. Although women and children make up the highest percentage of worshippers at church services, few resources and programs exist to help them build their faith and knowledge.

Since 2004, Open Doors India has helped fill this need by training Sunday school teachers, providing children’s materials, and distributing thousands of Children’s Bibles across some of the neediest states and into some of the most remote regions.

india girl 1

“It is a sight to see when a child who has never had his or her own Bible holds a colourful children’s Bible for the first time,” a a staff member recounts. “Normal Bibles do not appeal to children, because they are all text format with no pictures. It not only helps to create an interest in the Bible, but is also a great tool in teaching them the truths of God’s Word in a way that they can understand.”

Most of these impoverished, rural churches cannot afford to buy Bibles. And so, overcoming the challenges of traveling to remote regions, crossing through dense forests and rugged terrain, the Open Doors team distributed 3,730 Children’s Bibles in villages throughout 20 different districts and states during 2013, in addition to Sunday school materials and other literature.

This project focuses on:

·         Answering the spiritual need of children to hear the Good News and to discover their part in it.

·         Making Bible teaching fun, as they discover God’s love together.

·         Building their faith and trust in God as they step out in their communities.

Owning a copy of a Bible is a dream come true for these children, as their testimonies below reveal.

india boys

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