MBB Pastor in Kyrgzstan Faces Difficult Dilemma

October 6, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Pastor Kimil* lives in a small Kyrgyz town alongside many Uzbek people. For several years, Kimil, a Muslim Background Believer, and his wife and four school-age children had their own small business—a chicken farm. He also pastored a local Christian church and he was actively preaching among Uzbek and Kyrgyz Muslims in his town. Local Muslim authorities don’t like his Christian activity, because many Muslim people converted to Christianity through Kimil. Many times, they have threated to imprison him, close his business or kick him and his family out of the town.

There have been an unusual number of inspections this year from various state structures. The revenue service, the sanitary and epidemiological service, and the financial police have all come to inspect the farm. Kimil established his business according to all the local rules and state codes, but despite that, the authorities have found reasons to fine him on several occasions. He just paid the fines and kept working, but in September he was ordered to close his business, without any explanations or reasons. The chicken farm was the only income for Kimil’s family. Now, the pastor and his family are facing a difficult dilemma—leave their ministry and church and go to another city to survive, or stay and keep fighting.

*Name changed for security.

Father, we lift before your throne of grace Pastor Kimil. Thank You for the many Muslim people You have brought to faith through his faithful ministry. And now, in his distress, we pray for Your protection over him and his family and for a resolution to the problem that they might continue their business and remain in the town to minister among the people. We intercede on his behalf that You might give him favor among the local Muslim and secular authorities to cease persecuting him. In the name of Jesus, who loves righteousness and justice and fills the earth with his unfailing love (Psalm 33). Amen.

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