MBB Pastor In Myanmar Threatened

July 7, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Pastor Aung* is a prominent Muslim Background Believer and pastor. His daughter, 16-year-old Meena* was taken from his home in February and forcibly married to a Muslim man. Two weeks ago, he received a call from an anonymous number telling him to go to the mosque and confess that he had done wrong because he was a Christian. He was instructed to repent, ask for forgiveness, and re-integrate into the Muslim community. Within three days he was to choose Jesus or turn back to Islam. After much prayer, he determined to stand firm and trust Jesus, hoping that Jesus would miraculously rescue him from this dangerous situation.

Later, Pastor Aung received calls from unknown numbers ordering him to not let his younger daughter, Sara*, go out of the house. He responded that his daughter can go out as any other girl can, and the man on the phone swore at him and cut off the call. Pastor Aung sent Sara to a relative’s village where she will be safe and he fled to a safe house in the country.

Pastor Aung request prayers for him and for his family who is staying in the village, along with the believers in the Muslim villages in Rakhine State.

“We are hated, ignored, and oppressed by the Muslim community,” he says in a letter. “Several times, the Muslim villagers would conspire against us – overtly and covertly – as to how they could annihilate our Christianity.”

*Name changed for security

Father of all mercy, we pray Your hand of protection upon Pastor Aung and his family. Wherever she is, we pray for Meena that You would cover her, body and soul, with your protection. We lift before Your presence Sara as she hides from those who seek to harm her. Protect her, Father; close the eyes of those who seek her that they might not find her. In the midst of great pressure to turn from Christ, we pray that You will strengthen Pastor Aung to stand strong in this spiritual storm as he has been doing. We pray Your intervention in his life in these difficult times. And Your great name be glorified! In the name of Jesus, who knows our suffering and preserves us. Amen

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