Missionary Arrested in Central Asia

April 28, 2016 by Open Doors in Asia
During a Central Asian home group meeting in April, local police broke into the room and arrested sister Olga*. They interrogated her for several hours, during which they accused her of religious extremism and proselytizing, and threatened to imprison her. They released her in the morning with a strong warning like the one given to Paul and Barnabas in the Book of Acts: cease preaching the gospel, in her case among Muslims, or they would arrest her again and send her to prison, despite the fact that she is a foreign citizen. 
Please, pray for sister Olga and for the Christians she serves. 
*Name changed for security reason.
Father, we thank You that the gospel is going forth in Central Asian countries. We pray for Christians there as they worship and pray and as they learn from Your Word what it means to walk with You in the midst of their difficult circumstances. We pray that the light of Christ will shine through them to a world in need of the light of Truth to break through the darkness of unbelief and false religions. We pray for security as they maneuver the perilous path of following Christ there and as they seek to share their faith with others. We thank You for the life of sister Olga, for her commitment to Christ and the people she serves. Gather her into Your arms of protection. And we pray that You would soften the hearts and minds of local authorities to accept the presence of Christians in their jurisdictions. In the name of Jesus, who lifts up those who are bowed down, Amen

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