More Easter Attacks: Church in Egypt Burned to the Ground in Minutes

May 1, 2019 by Lindy Lowry in Africa

Reports of violence during the recent Easter week and weekend continue to come in, unfortunately. Here, an Open Doors worker shares a report and prayer request from Egypt.

In Mattai, a southern Egyptian town, the Christians there had set up a tent for use as a temporary sanctuary to celebrate Easter week services. Their church is under reconstruction. Believers were very much looking forward to coming together to celebrate Jesus’ work on the cross and the eternal life we have in Him.

At 4 am on Good Friday, radical Muslims sneaked in and set the church tent on fire. Furnished with chairs, a small altar and all other sound equipment, the tent was destroyed in just a few minutes.

For Christians in Mattai, the pile of burned ruins is a reminder of the pain and loss they have endured over the last several years as Muslim extremist groups and mobs have attacked both en masse (such as 2017’s Palm Sunday bombings in two churches) and in isolated incidents.

The team worker shares: “What a paradox! Radical Muslims, with hearts full of hatred, have burned a tent in which Christians were to celebrate the ultimate act of God’s love through the death and resurrection of Jesus!”

Please join us in praying with the Christians and leaders of this church–as well all Christians and churches in Egypt who live under intense oppression and threat of violence.

May the name of Jesus be glorified in our land even through painful seasons, and may the love of God in Jesus touch and soften the hardened hearts.”

Join others in praying.