Moroccan Christians Encouraged by Radio

June 15, 2011 by Open Doors in General

Mororoccan Man

“I am so thankful for your program; I was in need of encouragement and nourishment.” Jamal is from Morocco and has been listening to the Open Doors discipleship training on his radio.

“Sadiq, a new believer from Morocco, had requested a visit from our follow-up team after he listened to our program,” an Open Doors worker said. “Our team visited him and he said he had accepted Jesus Christ as his Savoir when he was in Europe, but now coming back to his country it was not easy to be on his own. So the group encouraged him and prayed with him.”

“I wanted to call to say that I am very encouraged by your program; it’s bringing me closer to God and to His word,” another Christian said. “I would love to have you visit me and fellowship with you because I have no one around who shares my faith, and it is difficult. Please pray for me.”

Open Doors also helped a listener who was threatened by a policeman in front of his children. The situation was particularly difficult for the children because this policeman was a neighbor. Open Doors helped the man contact a lawyer. “I thank you for your action with the lawyer; my family was full of fear and now we are at peace.”

In countries where it is difficult to reach people face to face, radio is a very helpful tool to encourage Christians. That is why Open Doors invests in radio, television and the Internet for discipleship training. Currently Open Doors has radio projects running in three Middle Eastern countries.

Father, we pray that these radio programs will continue to impact Christians worldwide. We ask at this time that You put a shield of protection around those who listen to Your Word so that they can openly hear Your message without fear of being discovered. Father, we praise You and ask that You multiply these efforts, even reaching into the most remote places. Amen

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