Muslim Teen Encounters Christ through Dreams

September 25, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Haliime, seventeen, from a small village in Northern Chad, encountered Christ through dreams.

“In one of my dreams, I was conversing with a man about a book that talked about Jesus, but it was different from what the Koran said about Him. The man then asked me to follow Him so He will explain to me what is in the Book. He told me it contained the truth and also that it was a difficult way.”

Halime didn’t at first understand that the Person was talking about the Bible, nor did she understand how difficult the persecution could get once she decided to follow Him.

When she told her brothers about her dreams, they didn’t pay much attention. In October 2016, she left for Bitkine to live with her married sister. While there, Halime got to know some Christians in the neighborhood. After she told one of them about her dreams, they told her about Jesus. Two months later, Halime gave her life to Jesus, though she kept it a secret at first. In January she decided to go to church openly. That same day her brother-in-law threw her out of the house. “He said I had betrayed them by leaving Islam; that I am a traitor.”

Halime is now living with a Christian family who cares for her like her own. With the help of Open Doors she was able to finish her last year in school. Halime is so thankful for the help and has worked hard to be successful in her exams.

Her father became a Christian and one point, but returned to Islam. Halime continues to receive threats from her mother who is also pressuring her to return to the village and marry a Muslim. So far, her new Christian family has been able to ward off her mother’s demands, but she fears once she finishes school, the pressure will get much worse.

Thank You, Father, for the faith of this precious young woman who seeks to follow You despite the cost. Strengthen her faith to stand strong in the storm no matter the threats and intimidation from her family. We pray Your protection over her. Protect her host family, Father, against persecution and grant them the wisdom and grace to continue taking care of Halime and discipling her. We pray that You will touch the hearts of Halime’s family members to stop pressuring her to return to Islam and marry a Muslim man. We pray especially for her father, that he might return to Christ and lead his family to follow Jesus. In the name of Jesus, who promised that while we will have trouble in this world, He will never leave or forsake us. Amen.

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