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New Attacks Rock Christian Community in Nigeria

August 13, 2016 by Janelle P in Africa

Urgent prayer is needed for a Christian-majority community in the Demsa local government area of Adamawa State in Nigeria’s northeastern region. Local sources report that at least 26 people have died in attacks on Kodomun and other nearby villages by Muslim Fulani herdsman.

“The attackers invaded the community twelve hours ago and killed 17 men and set all houses ablaze. The neighboring Christian communities are advancing toward Kodomun to face the Fulani herdsmen because security forces have failed to protect the community. Women and children are seen fleeing the area as the tension lingers,” reported local workers on August 2.

Meanwhile, local media reported the death toll in Fulani attacks on Kodomun and other attacks on Godogo in the Jema’a LGA of Kaduna State had risen to at least 26 after the bodies of more victims were discovered. Scores of people remain unaccounted for, raising fears that death toll may yet climb.

Local media outlet, Punch, reported criticism against Adamawa State police commissioner, Mohammed Ghazzali, after his statement that no lives had been lost in the attacks. He also defended his decision to not deploy security forces to the area. “My men were on the ground. We would not risk our men to be there just to give security to one side so that the other side will not think we have taken side with one side… There are two different people involved in these clashes: the herdsmen and the farmers. And we have to be very careful in handling such type of communal clashes.”

Jesus, we pray for an end to the violence. We also pray for comfort for the families of the victims. We know they are deeply grieving right now, and we pray that Your Spirit would provide them with peace that can only come through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also pray for an adequate government response to the Fulani attack. We pray all these things in Jesus’ mighty Name, Amen.

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