North Korean Christian Gives Thanks in the Midst of Trauma

November 22, 2011 by Open Doors in General

North Korean Woman

When Moon fled from North Korea to China, she thought that she was entering into a better future. But she fell into the hands of human traffickers and was sold to a Chinese farmer. He treated her as a sex slave. After years of abuse she could stand it no longer and fled from him.

Eventually she met another Chinese man, who was kind to her, she married again. The fresh start in her life seemed so good, but it soon turned into a nightmare. Moon recalls, “I became pregnant. A few days before I was to give birth, my two sisters-in-law discovered that I was North Korean. This meant that my child would not have any legal status and would not have any right to education. They wanted me to have an abortion. I left the house and walked all day to find work and a new life, because I wanted to keep my child. In the end, my sisters-in-law found me anyway and forced me to go to hospital. Under the firm grip of a doctor, the baby was murdered. The next day, I gave birth to a dead child.”

Moon still lives with her Chinese husband. Fortunately, she met Li a kind Chinese Christian who supported her as much as possible. They became friends and Moon came to know the love of the Lord Jesus through her. “Through the Bible, I understand how much He loves me. Now I know God, a world has opened up to me. And I know that my baby is with Him.”

Thank you, Father, for the love of Li for Moon and for the many Christian field workers who care for North Korean refugees. Thank you for Moon’s open heart to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we pray that You will protect her and continue to heal her from the trauma she has endured. Strengthen her testimony before her husband and sister-in-law that Your Spirit might draw them into faith in Jesus Christ. And we pray for wisdom for the many Christian field workers who receive refugees. Amen

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