Open Doors’ Position on Israel and the Palestinians

June 16, 2013 by Open Doors

Open Doors is called by God to strengthen the persecuted Church so that it will “be the Church” in its communities and culture and beyond.

Open Doors is not against the Jews, nor are we for or against the Palestinians. We are for the Church in the Middle East , both Messianic congregations and Palestinian churches.

Open Doors does not take sides, but rather we support the Church wherever it is struggling for survival, and that certainly is the situation among Palestinians and Messianic Jews. We also encourage believers on both sides to come together and discuss their differences.

An important part of strengthening the persecuted Church is involvement of the body of Christ living in the free world, which needs to pray for them and provide the resources required to assist their persecuted brethren.

Join others in praying.