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Pakistan: Blasphemy Laws Foster Hostility

February 27, 2015 by Open Doors in Middle East

Pakistan’s Christians are caught in the crossfire between Islamic militant organizations and mobs that violently target Christians, and an Islamizing culture on the other hand that results in Christians being isolated from the rest of the population. The notorious blasphemy laws continue to have devastating consequences for minorities, including Christians. A Pakistani mob beat and burned to death a Christian couple in November for alleged blasphemy charges. Women and girls are experiencing violence every day, especially those from minority groups who are vulnerable and easy targets for rape, sexual abuse and kidnapping.

Christian Mother Aasiya (Asia) Bibi Noreen has been on death row since 2009, on false charges of blasphemy. She represents many believers who have been falsely accused of blasphemy, some facing similar consequences.

How to pray:

  • For Aasiya (Asia) Bibi who remains in prison for alleged blasphemy after her appeal was turned down by the Pakistani High Court
  • For the growing number of Christian women and girls who are the targets of kidnappers and sexual assault
    That the Taliban will be driven out of the country by government forces

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