Papua Clash Leaves 3 Dead

March 10, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Pray for peace to be restored in Papua, Indonesia after a fierce clash on February 23 that left three men dead, dozens of houses burned, and hundreds of locals injured. The clash erupted in the wake of a disputed regional election. When the election commission dismissed the results at eight polling stations that had been unable to complete the counting of votes on time, supporters of the candidates opposed the election commission’s decision and the vocal opposition quickly escalated into violence. Further complicating the volatile situation, Rikwanto, Head of Public Relations for the National police, explained that, “the supporters’ loyalty and previous riots during similar events have contributed to the conflict.”

Although Papua has one of the largest pockets of Christians in Indonesia, the region is historically easily incited to riot and prone to conflict during local elections. As a result, this year the government had to resort to more drastic measures, such as deploying military forces, to calm the situation.

Pray for God to raise up honest and courageous Christians to govern Papua, and bring peace and justice to the people. Pray also that the current president of Indonesia will have wisdom in implementing strategic plans to stabilize the situation in Papua.

We pray, Father, for the families of those who died, for those who have lost houses and property, and for those who were injured in the February conflict. We pray for the Christians in Papua who strive to lead godly lives in the midst of a volatile society. Raise them up to be holy, set aside to serve You in all of life. We pray that some would be raised up to govern the region with godly peace and justice, that the region of Papua might bring glory to Your name. In the meantime, we pray that the current president will persevere in implementing strategies to secure peace in Papua. In the name of Jesus, the Name Above All Names, Amen.

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