“Please keep supporting us because we have a lot more to do.”

January 13, 2016 by Open Doors in Middle East

Edmund places cans of Pepsi in a straight line and dusts off the shelves.

What might seem like an ordinary job means the world to Edmund. After a year of living as a refugee, he was able to open a shop with an Open Doors supported micro-loan that was provided through a local partner.

Edmund has the most amazing view from his shop window. Located in a little village in the mountains, a one hour drive from the big city of Duhok, Edmund receives occasional Iraqi tourists who stop by in search of food and drinks for the road. The village kids play in front of the shop and come in to spend their pocket money on soda. Edmund is a man of few words, but he thoroughly enjoys the company of his customers. Edmund hasn’t always been a shopkeeper. He used to be responsible for restoring a church, a job he put his heart and soul into. But when ISIS invaded his village, he and his family were forced to flee. The little village Edmund now lives in has more than doubled its inhabitants with internally displaced people (IDP). While the village church is helping him with food from the Open Doors relief program, it doesn’t feel right for him to be dependent on others.

For displaced people from the Mosul area, finding a job in the Kurdish area is hard. The number of jobs is limited and those employed often need to be fluent in the local Kurdish language. Coming from an Arab speaking area like the majority of IDPs do, the opportunities for employment were very limited for Edmund. With the help of a micro-loan provided through local partners of Open Doors, Edmund has been able to open a little shop. His work enables him to provide for his family again. Perhaps even more importantly, it provides him inner peace. “It relieves me that I’m not dependent on others anymore,” he shares with glimmering eyes. “Please keep supporting us because we have a lot more to do.”

*representative photo used for security reasons

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