Pray for a Threatened Refugee Woman

February 19, 2016 by Janelle P in Middle East

*representative image used

Abida* a young Christian woman with two young children was forced to flee her home country in the Middle East about six months ago due to threats against her life. Several years ago, she married a Muslim man whom she later learned was a member of a Jihadist group; he was involved in terrorist attacks as well as attacks on Christians in their country. Abida had growing doubts about Islam and her Christian stepmother advised her to search for the truth on certain Christian websites. Through her search for truth, she subsequently became a follower of Jesus Christ.

Her husband’s threats upon learning of her faith forced Abida to flee from him and from their country with their two children. Though she has been staying in a safe house in another country in the Middle East, Abida’s husband has now learned of her presence in that country and his family is seeking to take the children away from her. According to people who accompany and disciple her, she is a genuine believer. They say she put her life at risk by leaving Islam to follow Jesus, and choosing to raise her children with the truth of Christ.

With her husband actively hunting for her, her only option is to flee to a country in the West. Please pray for this woman. Pray that she puts her full trust in God in this dangerous time. Pray that the people supporting her can find a legal way for this small family to travel to the West. Pray that the Lord will give Abida and her children peace and rest as they wait for Him to provide an escape from this harrowing situation.

Father, we do not know where in Your creation Abida and her children are today, but we take heart that they are in Your care, that You are leading them in safety. Thank You for the miraculous way You have redeemed her life. Whatever her earthly fate, she is safely in Your arms of mercy. We pray favor for those who are searching for a way to get her to a refuge somewhere in the West. And we especially pray for Your protection over her children that they might grow into faith in Christ’s redemption. Even through this ordeal, open their eyes to see You and Your presence with them. In the Name of Jesus, in whose unfailing love we place our hope, Amen.

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