Pray for Brother Said in Central Asia

May 2, 2016 by Open Doors in Asia

Pray for Brother Said* and his church in a Central Asian nation. On May 2, brother Said received a phone call, the third such call in just seven days, from an unidentified man with an accent cursing and swearing about brother Said and other believers in the country. The anonymous caller also threatened to destroy the church with a bomb. Brother Said alerted the leadership of the church about these troubling threats and sent out an urgent call for prayer. Please pray for the protection of the church and its parishioners, and pray that Brother Said will have peace and trust God in the midst of this situation.

* Name changed for security.

Father, trusting You seems so easy until our very lives are threatened. We pray for our brother Said that You will grant him an uncommon peace in the midst of these threats and that You will protect not only him, but Your church in his town and the work of Christ there. Strengthen them through Your Word and the indwelling of Your Holy Spirit that they might faithfully continue to reflect the light of Christ in this current darkness. In the name of Jesus, our only true hope and the rock of our salvation, Amen

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