Pray for Chibok Girls: One Year Anniversary

April 8, 2015 by Open Doors in Africa

April 14th marks the one-year anniversary of the horrific kidnapping of the girls from Chibok, Nigeria. As we consider their plight, and that of their parents, their family, and the entire Chibok Christian community; let us unite in focused and hopeful prayer for the next seven days.

Join in praying each day for 25 girls; calling them out by name; petitioning on their behalf; “Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord; Lord, hear my voice. Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.” (Psalm 130:1-2).

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Day 1 -Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dear Lord Jesus, these precious girls have endured great suffering this past year. Our hearts break as we consider the terrible fear they must face daily. But, we come before you knowing that all power is in Your hands. We know that You deeply care for the girls, and right now, these girls are struggling through a difficult trial. Father God, reach down and touch them wherever they are at this moment. Let your presence fill the room where they live, and let them feel an extra portion of your strength that can help them to get through another day. Father, in our deep love for them, we pray for each girl by name…

  • Deborah Abge Chrstian
  • Hanatu Ishaku
  • Aisha Ezekial
  • Awa Abge
  • Gloria Dama
  • Kume Mutah
  • Hauwa Yirma
  • Rifkatu Amos
  • Anthonia Yahonna
  • Asabe Manu
  • Hana Stephen
  • Awa James
  • Mwa Malam pogu
  • Esther Markus
  • Esther Usman
  • Patiant Dzakwa
  • Kummai Aboku
  • Ruth kollo
  • Saraya Mal. Stover
  • Kwanta Simon
  • Tabitha Pogu
  • Mary Dauda
  • Nguba Buba
  • Maifa Dama
  • Gloria Mainta

Day 2 -Thursday, April 9, 2015

Father God, today as we pray for the girls; we also pray for their families. Our minds cannot fathom the pain and heartache that parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, have endured this past year. The dreadful feelings must overwhelm them, filling them with anger. But, Father, today we ask that You help them to forgive the men who so cruelly ruined their lives. Father, help them to put aside all anxious thoughts, and say continually: “The Lord is my strength and my shield. My heart has trusted in Him. He is not only with me but in me, and I in Him.” Father, we repeat this for each girl, praying, “Precious Rebecca, The Lord is your strength and your shield…

  • Rebecca Mallum
  • Jummai John
  • Naomi Zakaria
  • Blessing Abana
  • Mary Sule
  • Debora Yahonna
  • Ladi Wadai
  • Saraya Paul
  • Mary Usman
  • Tabitha Hyelampa
  • Jummai Paul
  • Saratu Markus
  • Ruth Ngladar
  • Suzana Yakubu
  • Laraba John
  • Safiya Abdu
  • Juliana Yakubu
  • Rebecca Luka
  • Na’omi Yahonna
  • Hauwa Tella
  • Christy Yahi
  • Solomi Titus
  • Hanatu Musa
  • Rebecca Kabu
  • Rhoda John

Day 3 -Friday, April 10, 2015

El Shaddai, God Almighty, You were there when these treasured girls were formed in their mothers’ womb. As You were there then, be with them today, assuring them of Your never-ceasing love.Yanke, Muli, Fatima, Eli… Lord Jesus, be with them completely today. Na’omi, Saratu, Deborah, Rahilia … Holy Spirit, fill these cherished girls with Your eternal presence and Your peace. Luggwa, Tabith, Glory, Mayamu … whatever pain, heartache, or loneliness that they may be enduring; Father God, place Your hand of comfort on them. Awa, Godiya, Na’omi, Saraya … Jesus, be their Rock so that they can find supernatural strength in You. Laraba, Yana, Hauwa, Hauwa, Confort … these beloved names are written in Your Holy Book forever; may this knowledge bring these precious girls joy today. Hauwa, Laraba, Lydia, Kauna … Wherever you are, God is with you! Remember to cry out to Him for your needs as He will never leave you or forsake you. Amen.

  • Yanke Shittima
  • Tabitha Silas
  • Yana Joshua
  • Muli Waligam
  • Glory Yaga
  • Hauwa Balti
  • Fatima Tabji
  • Maryamu Lawan
  • Hauwa Abdu
  • Eli Joseph
  • Awa Bitrus
  • Confort Habila
  • Na’omi Luka
  • Godiya Bitrus
  • Hauwa Isuwa
  • Saratu Emmanuel
  • Na’omi Bitrus
  • Laraba Maman
  • Deborah Peter
  • Saraya Amos
  • Lydia Emmar
  • Rahila Bitrus
  • Laraba Paul
  • Kauna Lalai
  • Luggwa Sanda

Day 4 –Saturday, April 11, 2015

Father, as we go on with our usual weekend chores of shopping, running errands and visiting friends; our hearts are saddened as we consider the great loss suffered in the Chibok community. In our minds, it is unimaginable that such a tragic event is even possible. And yet, yesterday, today and tomorrow; each girl is – and will be – sorely missed. As we brace to the fact that some may never return home, either brutally murdered, or that escape or rescue impossible; help each of us to keep a heavenly perspective. That although our eyes see only pain and angst; Your plan is at work. Lord Jesus, fill each girl with a vison of heaven as we pray for each girl by name…

  • Mary Yahona
  • Rejoice Musa
  • Maryamu Yakubu
  • Ladi Joel
  • Deborah Abari
  • Zara Ishaku
  • Rejoice Sanki
  • Salomi Pogu
  • Maryamu Wavi
  • Luggwa Samuel
  • Mary Amor
  • Lydia Habila
  • Comfort Amos
  • Ruth Joshua
  • Laraba Yahonna
  • Saraya Samuel
  • Esther John
  • Na’omi Bitrus
  • Sicker Abdul
  • Esther Ayuba
  • Rahila Yahanna
  • Talata Daniel
  • Ladi Paul
  • Mary Paul
  • Ruth Lawan

Day 5 –Sunday, April 12, 2015

Today, Father, we pray for the parents of these girls. When their daughters were young, they could wipe away the tears and kiss their skinned knees. How helpless they must feel right now. But they are children, too—Your children. As they pour their hearts out to you in their grief, we take heart that You hear their voices; that You comfort and encourage them; that You strengthen them to remain faithful, and You protect their hearts from despair. Fill them, too, with the assurance that from all over the world, we are praying for them, that we are bringing their trouble before You; that we gather around them; that we care. Assure them, Father that they are not alone, even in this time of trouble as we join with them praying for each precious daughter…

  • Esther Joshua
  • Mairama yahaya
  • Palmata Musa
  • Helen Musa
  • Saratu Dauda
  • Awagana Musa
  • Margret Watsai
  • Jinkai Yama
  • Pindar Nuhu
  • Deborah Jafaru
  • Margret Shettima
  • Yana Pogu
  • Filo Dauda
  • Yana yidau
  • Saraya Musa
  • Febi Haruna
  • Grace Paul
  • Hauwa Joseph
  • Ruth Ishaku
  • Amina Ali
  • Hauwa kwakwi
  • Racheal Nkeki
  • Hauwa Musa
  • Maryamu Musa
  • Rifkatu Soloman

Day 6 –Monday, April 13, 2015

Our Heavenly Father, once again we come before You on behalf of these grieving parents, family members and friends. We come not without hope, because our hope is not set on earthly circumstances, but we come in the power and resurrection of Christ who lived and died here on this earth that we might dwell securely in His love now and in the life to come. As these dear ones walk through this time of grieving, assure them that Christ understands the suffering their daughters endured in ways no one else can. Turn their eyes away from their present circumstances and toward heaven to see Christ and His infinite mercy with their daughters surrounding Him. As they fall asleep at night, open their ears to hear Him singing comfort over them. Praying in the name of Jesus, who suffered that we might live in Him, as we lift up Your children to You…

  • Maimuna Usman
  • Ruth Amos
  • Hauwa peter
  • Rebeca Joseph
  • Mary Ali
  • Hadiza Yakubu
  • Liyatu Habitu
  • Abigail Bukar
  • Lydia Simon
  • Rifkatu Yakubu
  • Deborah Amos
  • Ruth Bitrus
  • Naomi Philimon
  • Saraya Yanga
  • Mary Yakubu
  • Deborah Abbas
  • Kauna Luka
  • Lugwa Mutah
  • Ladi Ibrahim
  • Christiana Bitrus
  • Muwa Daniel
  • Asabe Ali
  • Yana Bukar
  • Hanatu Nuhu
  • Maryamu Bulama

Day 7 –Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Father, on this anniversary of the day these girls were kidnapped from their school, we pray for the immense grief their families and friends are experiencing. Our earthly hope was that You would return them to the welcoming arms of their parents and heal from their unthinkable ordeal, but You have done more; You have brought them into Your own arms, wiped away every tear and healed them from every sorrow. We pray now for the comfort of their parents; that You will lift from their troubled minds the horrors their daughters may have faced and replace those visions with the sure knowledge of their joy in Your presence.

We pray for the parents of the Muslim girls who also suffered; that You might use even this time of sorrow to draw them into saving faith. And, we pray for those whose daughters’ names we do not know, taking comfort in the confidence that You know their names. You knew all about these girls. You knit them together in their mothers’ wombs, and You have seen their coming and going all their lives. We could not save them, but they are in Your hands, Father, and we rejoice that they are in Your merciful presence. You love them still in ways even their parents never could have. Keep us faithful in praying, Father, for these families and for those around the world who continue to suffer for their faith in Christ. In the name of Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer, we lift up these precious sisters to you…

  • Monica Enoch
  • Saratu Ayuba
  • Deborah Soloman
  • Margret Yama
  • Naomi Adamu
  • Hauwa Mutah
  • Docas yakubu
  • Hauwa Ishaya
  • Hauwa Takai
  • Rhoda peter
  • Rahap Ibrahim
  • Serah Samuel
  • Rifkatu Galang

The Muslim Girls:

  • Aishatu Musa
  • Hauwa Wule
  • Halima Gamba
  • Aishatu Grema
  • Ihyi Abdu
  • Aisha Lawan
  • Hauwa Nkeki
  • Hasana Adamu
  • Kabu Malla
  • Hamsatu Abubakar
  • Rakiya Kwamtah
  • Yayi Abana
  • Mairama Abubakar
  • Kwadugu Manu
  • Falta Lawan

Join others in praying.