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Pray for Christian Family in Hiding After Neighbors Raze Bangladesh Home

January 25, 2019 by Lindy Lowry

“Drive the Christians away! We will kill you right now!

After midnight on January 20, 2018, a mob gathered outside the house of Bangladeshi Christian couple, Nasima Begam and Azgar Ali, sickles in hand, and hurled hate-filled threats. Then they destroyed their home. And to prevent them from ever returning, they planted a cornfield where their family home once stood. There is no sign of the house.

For the last 10 years, the couple’s Muslim neighbor, Md. Afan Ali, had threatened them since day one of their decision to leave Islam and follow Jesus.

“He threatened to kill us if we do not renounce our faith in Christ and return to Islam,” says Nasima.

Despite his threat and being ostracized by the whole community, the couple stood firm in their faith and even reached out to others with the Good News. They planted a church near their home in Chargorak Mandop village in Kurigram district, where new believers now gather for worship.

Now homeless, Nasima and Azgar are in hiding along with their young children; villagers continue to look for them. The mob also ransacked the church—destroying Bibles, worship songbooks and other Christian materials.

Open Doors partners report that the intensity of the situation has struck fear and fueled panic among local Christians. There is deep concern the attacks may cause some to return to Islam.

Praying for This Panicked Situation in Bangladesh

  • Please pray for the protection of Nasim, Azgar and their family and the other believers in the community.
  • Pray for boldness for these believers—that they would stand firm in their faith and depend on God.
  • Pray that God gives local Christians wisdom to help them navigate this situation.
  • Pray that the authorities and police will take steps to protect the rights of Nasima and Azgar.

*Representative photo used to protect identity.

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