Pray for Ethiopian Believers’ Court Hearing on Jan 13

January 5, 2016 by Janelle P in Africa

Dear friends, a while back we asked you to engage on behalf of three Christians in Ethiopia that have been found guilty on false charges of setting fire to an Orthodox church in May of this year. They have been sentenced to up to 9 years for their “crime”.

During an appeal hearing on October 23, judges once more asked for more files from the lower courts in order to gain full understanding into the proceedings until now. This is the second time the judges asked for these files, but the responsible parties failed to present them. The next hearing was scheduled for December 23. The three men continue to face harsh circumstances in prison notorious as a place where those opposed to the prior communist era government were tortured and killed.

The case was once more postponed and will be heard again on January 13 due to the fact that once more not all files had been received.

Please continue to pray for our brothers to remain strong in the faith and for the Lord to fulfill His purpose for them while they languish in jail. Pray that they and their families would not be overwhelmed with discouragement.

Join others in praying.