Pray for Home Group Leader from Kyrgyzstan

May 27, 2016 by Open Doors in Asia

Mariam* met Christ several years ago in her home country of Kyrgyzstan and has gone on to become the leader of one of the home groups in her church. Mariam is married and has 5 children, ages 5 – 17. Though her eldest daughter Karina* is also a believer, Mariam’s husband Habib* is a Muslim and very aggressive opponent of their faith in Christ. Mariam and Habib have had serious problems in their marriage for a long time, but Mariam’s and Karina’s new faith has become the main focus of family conflicts over the last several years. Sometimes Habib has even beat Mariam and Karina, and he does not allow her to tell their four younger children about Christ. In spite of the ongoing pressure and violence against them, Mariam and Karina continue to follow Christ, and Mariam prays faithfully for Habib and her younger children—for their salvation and for their family’s healing – and courageously continues to lead the home group.

*Names changed

Father, how we praise You for the faith of Mariam and Karina! In the midst of spiritual darkness, You have led them into the light of Christ and have placed in their hearts a faith that cannot be shattered by their harsh circumstances. We plead with You to send Your Holy Spirit to break through the hardness of Habib’s heart that he might turn in faith to Christ who has loved each of us when we too were enemies of the Most High God. And until that day, we pray for You to surround Mariam and Karina with Your protection and peace, that they might walk forward in each new day in the courage and strength of Christ. And we pray for the younger children. The enemy would use Habib’s authority in their home to keep them from knowing the truth, but we call on Your Holy Spirit to lead them to the light of the gospel. In the name of Jesus who died for us when we were yet sinners. Amen.

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