Pray for Pastors in Libya

April 4, 2017 by Janelle P in Africa

Sometimes prayer comes just at the right moment. A few days ago, we informed a pastor in Libya about the worldwide prayer occurring for him and his congregation.

His response came immediately, and may his response motivate you to continue praying:

“I must admit that you always contact me in a time that I am discouraged by the situation and events here. I wish to thank you very sincerely for this. If it had not been for your prayers, things could have been worse for us. I truly appreciate your prayer and would urge you to continue.

“We very much understand we are called to serve the Lord in this difficult and uncertain country. Our faith remains in the Lord God Almighty. He alone is trustworthy. Your words of encouragement are received with joy and thanksgiving.
The situation currently is so discouraging that we despair, yet we hope in God.

“As a church we are able to meet, but in small numbers as people are afraid. We are not safe on the street or at home, but we hold services with those who are able to come. To leave home, one has to plan and plot the route carefully. Pray for protection and safety for the Body of Christ.”

Thank you for your faithful prayers, and as this believer has reminded us, please continue to pray for the unity and protection of the Body of Christ in Libya.

Join others in praying.