Ramadan – Special Time To Pray For Muslims

August 4, 2010 by Open Doors

SANTA ANA, Calif. (Aug. 4, 2010) – With the season of Ramadan approaching, Open Doors USA is launching a campaign for Christians to pray for Muslims throughout their holy month.

This year Ramadan begins Aug. 11 and ends Sept. 9. During those dates, most Muslims will fast from dawn until dusk, seeking to shed away their sins through acts of restraint. They believe this is a time of purification accomplished through good deeds and self control.

To help Christians pray for Muslims, Open Doors USA is offering the Ramadan Prayer Calendar. The calendar has multiple prayer points so Christians can pray for Muslims around the world during the 30 days. The Ramadan Prayer Calendar will also have prayer requests for Christians who face persecution in Muslim nations.

Eight of the top 10 countries on the 2010 Open Doors World Watch List have Islamic governments as do 35 of the top 50 on the list. The annual World Watch List exposes the worst persecutors of Christians. Those eight countries include Iran (2), Saudi Arabia (3), Somalia (4), Maldives (5), Afghanistan (6), Yemen (7), Mauritania (8) and Uzbekistan (10).

There are at least 200 Muslim people groups of over 100,000 people who do not have any Christian witness. But they are reachable through the power of prayer. As Open Doors founder Brother Andrew says, “Our prayers can go where we cannot. While many things may seem impossible from a human standpoint, in the realm of prayer there are no impossibilities.”

Many Muslims are sincerely seeking God. Each year Open Doors hears testimonies from Muslims to whom Jesus has directly revealed Himself through dreams and visions during Ramadan. David (not his real name), formerly an Imam (Muslim spiritual leader), says he heard the voice of Christ during Ramadan.

“As a Muslim I would go to the mosque every day, from 6 o’clock in the morning, and I would pray. But I never thought that someone out there would be praying for

“She said, ‘I have been praying for you every time you walked into that mosque. It’s just amazing to see that God has answered my prayer.’ She was very surprised because she never thought that I could

actually become a believer in Christ. In her eyes, I looked very hard to convince. That will always stay on my heart; to know that my prayers can make a difference to somebody.”

In addition to the Ramadan Prayer Calendar, Open Doors USA provides a “State of the Church” report to coincide with the World Watch List. This report includes updates to the 2010 World Watch List and serves as a guide for praying for the Persecuted Church in Muslim countries. The report as well as the Ramadan Prayer Calendar is available at

“This is an extraordinary time for praying for both Christians and Muslims in these Islamic nations,” says Open Doors USA President/CEO Carl Moeller. “The season of Ramadan gives Christians in the West an entire month to focus on praying for these individuals.”

For those desiring to learn more about Christians living in Islamic nations, the book

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Join others in praying.