Pray for/ Write to – Iranian Prisoners

August 3, 2014 by Open Doors in Middle East

Please pray for these imprisoned believers. Open Doors has complied a list with many of their names so that you can pray for them specifically. Together we can pray for their protection, for endurance, for medical needs to be met, and for strength to remain faithful to Christ in the midst of severe pressure to recant their faith. Pray that the peace of God might fill them.

Six of these prisoners are able to receive letters. We urge you to write them messages of encouragement, adding your prayers for them as well. Apart from Christ, their circumstances are dark and hopeless. God can use your letters to help restore the light and hope of the presence of Christ in them. We know you will want to protect their safety and security, and to write in ways that will speak with encouragement culturally, so be sure to check out the guidelines that accompany the list.

Father, we take time to pray for these Christians in prison in Iran, in bondage because of their faith in You. Thank You that spiritually they have been freed from the bondage of sin and death; remind them, Father, of that freedom they have in Christ. Encourage them with the knowledge of our prayers on their behalf that they might know they are not alone. Give them the courage they need to meet today’s trials and fill them with an overwhelming peace, a peace that can only come from Your presence in them. We call on Your Holy Spirit to bring to mind Scripture that will dispel fear and bitterness and hopelessness. When they feel alone and abandoned even by You, overwhelm them with Your steadfast love for them. Remind them of Christ’s suffering for them that they might know You understand their anguish. Encourage them with the sure knowledge that You are walking with them through their troubles and that You will never abandon them. Fill them with the hope of the glory set before them in heaven. In the name of Jesus, the anchor of our souls. Amen.

Join others in praying.