Pray with Iranian Christian sentenced to two years in exile

November 4, 2019 by Lindy Lowry in Middle East

We’ve shared with you Iranian prisoner Ebrahim Firouzi’s story before. How Ebrahim was charged and convicted for propaganda against the Islamic Republic,” “launching and directing evangelism” and “running a Christian website.” At the time he was arrested in August 2013, Ebrahim was the financial support for his mother and sister.

Last year, we asked for special prayer for Ebrahim when his mother died, after several ignored requests from his mother to prison authorities to see her son one last time. Ebrahim was not permitted to attend her funeral.

Our Middle East team tells us that after six years, Ebrahim has been released from Rajaei Shahr prison in Karaj last week. Like many political prisoners in Iran, Ebrahim was also sentenced to two years of internal exile. So while he is out of one prison, he’ll soon begin serving another two years in Iran’s far southeastern region in a remote village near the Pakistan border.

The additional sentence aims to punish not only the prisoner but also their families by forcing them to travel long distances for their weekly visits with their exiled relatives.

In a statement, Reporters Without Borders condemned the Islamic Republic of Iran for this practice, saying that the regime “does not limit itself to arbitrary arrests and sentences, but also imposes ‘complementary sentences’ on its citizens with the aim of silencing them forever.”

Praying with Ebrahim

Ebrahim tells Open Doors he is in good health and has been very happy to receive calls from friends. He requests prayer for a friend in prison with urgent needs. He also requests prayer for himself, especially for patience when he begins to feel upset and angry. His friends have asked us to pray that:

If God moves you to become more involved in supporting believers facing persecution like Ebrahim, we encourage you to learn more here to explore our Frontline Partner Program.

Join others in praying.