Pray With New Christian Couple Badly Beaten After Wife’s Baptism

April 12, 2019 by Lindy Lowry

Rahima Khatun, 30 and her husband, Razzaq, 40, are a Christian couple living in Elongipara Village in West Bangladesh who are facing severe persecution from family members for accepting Christ. The most recent and blatant attack came recently a day after Rahima was baptized. She and Razzaq were badly beaten by Razzaq’s youngest brother and his friends.

In the middle of the night, the group came to the couple’s home and attacked Razzaq. Attempting to protect her husband, Rahima was also beaten. Neighbors who heard the couple screaming managed to stop the assault that left the couple hospitalized for three days with serious injuries.

The Only Believer in the Family

A little bit about Razzaq: He works as a local newspaper journalist and also raises chickens. He is the oldest of three brothers and three sisters–and most important, he is the only believer in his family. Recently, he led his wife to Christ.

Razzaq’s decision to follow Jesus has now made him a target in his family who see his conversion as a betrayal of their tribe and family. Razzaq continues to draw fire for his conversion, his meeting up with other believers and regularly attending Christian seminars. Persecution of their brother has intensified since their father’s death; they have been trying to take the family land by force and deprive Razzaq of his rights and inheritance.

And now Razzaq has received death threats and is not comfortable in his house located on the land the siblings share. He didn’t file a police report against his brother because he was told he would be killed.

“We do not feel safe living in this house,” they said after the recent attack.

This couple—our brother and sister in Christ—need our prayers.

Praying With Razzaq and Rahima

Join others in praying.