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Pray With Women in Myanmar Learning Their Worth in God’s Eyes

September 28, 2018 by Lindy Lowry

“This training is an answer to my prayer. I didn’t have high education, and I am not confident to speak out. But now this is the third training I attended. I’m able to stand and answer questions.” –Cing, a discipleship trainee in Myanmar

Cing is one of 30 women in Myanmar participating in Women of Worth training offered by Open Doors. The training is helping women like her deepen their faith, build confidence and eventually lead in their own circles or communities. Last week, these women went home more encouraged to continue in their faith.

In Myanmar, women are one of the pillars of the households. Encouraging and strengthening them equips them to strengthen their families to remain faithful and strong in the face of ongoing persecution. The training also helps women see their worth in God’s eyes.

Praying for the Hearts of Myanmar Women

  • Pray for spiritual covering over these women who are up against a shrewd Enemy that knows they are the key to the spread of the gospel in a country where Satan has gained a stronghold.
  • Pray for these Women of Worth training sessions, the trainers and trainees. Ask God to increase their numbers and protect all those involved from physical violence and discrimination.
  • Pray for the families of these women–that they will encourage them in their journeys and not do anything to thwart their efforts or quench their passion.
  • Pray for wisdom and understanding of the lessons that these women are learning. Ask God to show trainers how to teach these women to not only hear the Word, but also apply it in their daily lives.
  • Good seeds are being sown into the hearts of these women. Pray that they will take deep root in their hearts and bear much fruit. Pray against the Enemy’s schemes and desire to choke out or destroy these newly planted seeds.

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