Pray With Women Missionaries Beaten by Enraged Villagers in Burma

August 22, 2018 by Lindy Lowry in Asia

“If you want to worship the Chin God, go to Chin state and worship there. This is a Burmese village; all Burmese should only worship Buddha.”

The village chief’s stern statement to Burmese Pastor U Min* reflects the attitude Christians in Burma regularly come up against in predominantly Buddhist villages.

Hoping that an apology would help end the chain of violence the pastor, his wife, and women missionaries had all experienced over the last few days, the four believers came to the village chief, desperate for his help. But they were quickly rebuffed.

Pastor U Min remembers the persecution of the last few days …

At the invitation of Pastor U Min,  missionaries Mai Yi* and Chew* had come to the western Burma village of Na* intent on ministering to the only five Christian families in the village. They had arranged to stay with one of the families.

Soon into their stay, villagers came to the house where the missionaries were staying and summoned the two women to come out and leave Na village. Frightened by the raging voices of the villagers, Mai Yi and Chew stayed inside, afraid to go out.

The villagers persisted.

When the two women came out, the villagers attacked. They slapped their faces, kicking and hitting them for preaching the gospel in their village. They confiscated their phones to keep them from contacting anyone and reporting what had happened.

When all the villagers had left the scene, police came and brought the missionaries to the police station. They also called Pastor U Min and his wife. At the station, officers tried to force Pastor U Min and his wife to sign a document preventing them from bringing in any more missionaries to preach the gospel. But the couple stood strong. They refused to sign the document and went home together with the two women.

The violence didn’t stop there.

When villagers heard about the pastor’s refusal to sign, the next day they attacked the pastor’s home, throwing stones at it. When the pastor tried to call the police to intervene, no one answered. He dialed the number the second time but the phone was already out of reach.

That’s when the four believers decided to go to the village chief to no avail. Mai Yi and Chew remain traumatized by the attacks. Please pray with them, Pastor U Min, the five Christian families in Na and the entire village.

Praying With Mai Yi, Chew and Pastor U’s family

*representative names and photos used for security reasons

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