Prayers For North Korea

January 11, 2015 by Open Doors in Asia

Kim Jong-Un is the third son of Kim Jong-Il, who died in December 2011. The young Kim immediately succeeded his father as the leader and ‘god-head’ of the country. His uncle Jang Song-Thaek was appointed as his guardian, and other confidents of Kim Jong-Il were also supposed to watch over him to make sure that the power stayed with the current elite. Since then, Jang and others loyal to Kim Jong-Il have been eradicated. In a massive round of purges, over 10,000 people connected to Jang were killed, imprisoned, or banished to remote areas in 2014.

The human rights situation in North Korea has not improved under Kim Jong-Un’s rule and neither has religious liberty. Some large labor camps such as Camp 22, Camp 18 and Camp 15 were (partially) closed, but that had to do with the extraordinarily high death rate of the inmates. Surviving prisoners were transferred to other camps. At the same time, there are ongoing campaigns against Christians, who are still seen as enemies of the state. When caught, they face arrest, torture, starvation, abuse, rape and even death. According to former inmates, some Christian families have been used as guinea pigs for testing chemical weapons.

How to pray

Pray that God will change Kim Jong-Un’s heart and the hearts of other people who hold power in North Korea. Pray that God’s truth will set them free so that they might be able to see who it is they are persecuting. Ask God that the leaders will be stopped in their attempts to destroy the Church.

Join others in praying.