Prayers Needed For Pakistan In Tense Time Following Assassination

March 1, 2016 by Janelle P in Asia

Please keep Pakistan in your prayers. We suspect there will be repercussions for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan over the recent execution of Qadri, the man who barbarically killed the Governor of Punjab in 2011 for standing up for Asia Bibi and visiting her. He called the Blasphemy law the ‘black law’ and this enraged his personal body guard who killed him. Qadri was celebrated as having fought for the honor of Islam. This week, he was assasinated. This has enraged extremists across the country who took to the streets. Our local partners, among the few Christians in Pakistan, were stuck in riots and traffic as well.

One girl told us, “I have been in traffic for three hours; there is smoke everywhere. I just pray I can get back home safely. My father and brothers have told me not to go to work. This means I will have to find another bus to take me home. I don’t know what is safe, and I hope no one asks me my name or whether I am a Christian. Today, I want to get home safe.”

Another young man from Peshawar said, “If I die, I want to die for Jesus, not because someone is mad at the government for killing a Muslim criminal!’”

There are mixed feelings amongst Christians. Some pleased that the system has shown some backbone against extremism and some deeply sad and confused about the uselessness of the loss of another life. However, everyone is aware that it will probably be Christians who deal with the backlash from such an attack.

The situation is extremely tense. We are asking for prayer, particularly for Friday and Sunday. The news is reporting nothing in a bid to keep tensions down, but this could also be retaliation at the violence with which Christians treated the media in the aftermath of the March 15th attacks in 2015 on Youhannabad.

Join others in praying.