Quotes and Songs from Secret Believers in Southeast Asia

December 21, 2015 by Janelle P in Asia

*Representative photo used to protect identity

Of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today, over 200 million of them belong to the Indo-Malay ethnic group in Southeast Asia, home to Muslim-majority countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. A few of these Muslims profess their faith in Isa and yet, for their safety, cannot disclose their Christian identity to their neighbors. Each of them has a name, a face and a voice, and a few are even gifted with musical talents. The following are some glimpses into their challenges and victories.


Quotes from Secret Believers

“My relationship with my girlfriend is not the most important relationship in my life; it can wait. My relationship with Jesus is urgent and more important.” – Secret believer after he found Christ. 


“What you have, I also want!” – Secret believer who accepted Christ after Christians showed him love and cared for him when he was living as an outcast in a city dumpster.


“Because we believe in Christ, Muslims consider us apostates and outcasts. But Christians also do not wholeheartedly accept us. Why? Because my wife still wears the head coverings even though she is a believer. She wears it because she feels more comfortable with it than without it.” – Secret believer, sharing the challenges he faces as an MBB (Muslim Background Believer).


“My husband left me because I did not want to renounce my faith in Christ. I did not know what to do so I prayed to God. I prayed until 3 a.m. As I was about to fall asleep, I heard footsteps entering my room. I was stopped from looking but I felt His touch. I felt flowing warmth from head to toe and all my burdens were lifted up. Now, I can face the world, even without my husband, because I have Christ!” – Secret believer.


Worship Songs Composed by a Secret Believer

Three years ago, I dreamt of making this music album. Now, it has come to pass! All glory to God. Thank you to all those who have helped to make this album a reality. Some helped to write the songs, some composed the lyrics, and some helped to sing some of the songs in this album,” said the composer, who dedicated this album to “all whose faces are unknown yet love the Lord and love the people out there.”

“You are my heroes who deserve my respect,” he continued. “Let us all continue to love Him and to love the people out there.”


BAPA BOLEH                                                                      OUR FATHER IS ABLE

Bapa boleh (boleh, boleh)                                           Our Father is able

Dia boleh (boleh, boleh)                                               He is able

Bapa kami di syurga Dia boleh                                    Our Father in heaven is able  


Chorus:                                                                                Chorus:

Marilah kita percaya pada Ilahi                                   Let’s put our faith in God

Tiada sesiapa seperti Dia                                               No one compares to Him

Marilah kita memuji pada Ilahi                                   Let’s raise our voice for Him

Tiada kuasa standing Dia                                               No power is greater than His


Bridge:                                                                                  Bridge:

Puji syukur, hormat, kuasa pada Dia                        Praise, honor, power unto Him

Puji syukur, hormat, kuasa pada Dia                        Praise, honor, power unto Him

S’lamanya                                                                           Forever



ALLAHU AKHBAR                                                              HOW GREAT IS GOD 

(Tuhan Yang Maha Besar)


Chorus:                                                                                Chorus:

Allahu akhbar (4x)                                                           How great is God (4x)

Allah yang besar                                                               The almighty God

Allah berkuasa                                                                  The ruling God

Allah yang Esa                                                                    The one true God


Pohon akan berbuah                                                      Trees will bear fruit

Air akan mengalir di gurun                                           Water will flow in deserts

Tanah yang rendah ‘kan ditinggikan                         Low ground will be lifted up

Gunung-ganang akan diruntuhkan                           Mountains will collapse

Marilah kita menunggu di dalam Dia                        Let us wait in Him

KasihNya menjangkau semua                                    His love reaches everyone

Belas kasihnya ke s’luruh umat                                  His compassion reaches all mankind

Yang berkekalan selamanya                                        His love and compassion are eternal

Karna dia Bapa kepada semua                                    Because He is the Father of all peoples

Marilah kita semua mengasihi Dia                             Let us respond by loving Him


Bridge:                                                                                  Bridge:

Tetapi orang-orang yang                                               But those who

menanti-nantikan Tuhan                                              wait for Him

mendapat kekuatan baru                                             will

Join others in praying.