Quran Burning, Somali Christian Killed, Orissa Victim Rescued

September 9, 2010 by Open Doors in General

Quran Burning Could Increase Persecution Against Christians in Muslim-Dominated Countries

Angry crowds in Kabul, Afghanistan and Jakarta, Indonesia are protesting and threatening retaliation if the non-denominational Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida publicly burns the Quran on Saturday, September 11. Reaction to the possible burning of the Muslim holy book could unleash worldwide rage, directed not only at the United States and its troops overseas, but also Christians living in Muslim-dominated countries.

Open Doors USA President/CEO Carl Moeller states; “The planned burning of the Quran is a disaster on two fronts as it violates the command of Jesus to love our neighbor, and it would likely cause Christians worldwide to be more vilified and persecuted… I urge the Dove World Outreach Center and its senior pastor, Terry Jones, to cancel the event. Hate is not biblical, it is not the message of Jesus.” Moeller also urges Christians to unite in prayer this week and pray that the planned Quran burning will be canceled.

Somali Christian Killed, Four Children Kidnapped

In a continuing campaign to eliminate converts from Islam, Muslim insurgents have murdered another member of an underground Christian movement in Somalia. According to Compass News area sources said al Shabaab militants entered the house of Osm an Abdullah Fataho, a long- time Christian deeply involved in the activities of the small secret Christian community, and shot him dead in front of his wife and children. The assailants then abducted them but later releasing his wife on the condition that she surrender the little ones to be trained as soldiers. “We know they have taken the children to brain-wash them, to change their way of life from Christian to Muslim and to teach them the Quran,” said one source. The incident has spread fear among the faithful in the lawless country.

Praise Report – Victim of Orissa Violence Rescued From Trafficking Ring

On August 9th, two years after anti-Christian violence broke out in Orissa state, India, a 16-year-old Christian girl was discovered – one of at least 60 people sold into slavery. The girl, whose name was withheld, was sold into slavery along with her sister and two other girls, all victims of the 2008 violence. The others still remain missing. The recovery of the girl represents the cracking of a network that has trafficked young Christian women from Orissa to the national capital, sources said.

Father, we know You hold all things in Your hands, so we thank you for the release of the girl from slavery in Orissa, and pray for the other young women to be found and set free from the trafficking ring. We ask for wisdom for the Dove World Outreach Center; that they would cancel their plans of Quran burning, and instead act out in love. Lord, we pray for supernatural strength for Somali Christians in the midst of severe persecution, and we grieve the death of Fataho and the abduction of his children. May they remember their faith in You as they grow older, and follow in their father’s footsteps – ultimately following Jesus.

Praying with you,

The Prayer Force Team

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