Ramadan Brings Special Challenges for New Believers

June 30, 2016 by Janelle P in Middle East

Ramadan can be an especially dangerous time for those who have recently come to faith in Christ from a Muslim background. They can face more difficulties during this month of Ramadan since it will be the first time that many of them will not participate in the fasting. Believers feel immense amounts of pressure from the rest of society, and they often feel that they cannot meet freely for worship when the rest of their community is going to the mosque and performing Muslim rituals. Ramadan is a very difficult season for believers who live in Islamic societies. Pray for them and the church in Muslim majority areas during Ramadan. Pray that they will stand strong and grow in faith during this month. But pray in particular for those who are experiencing their first Ramadan as believers in Christ. Pray that the Lord will lead them away from temptation. New believers face daily pressure, such as daily invitations to go to the mosque with family or friends and questions such as “Are you fasting?” or “Why aren’t you coming with us?” Pray that they will have wisdom in responding, and not lose heart when they are questioned by family members and the community. Pray that the believers can have chances to meet frequently during Ramadan so that these new believers are not left feeling alone and isolated during this month of spiritual oppression.

Triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—we pray to You during this month of Ramadan, this month of religious fervor in the life of Muslims around the world. We grieve that they are seeking You in the wrong place, that they are seeking a false god, and that in their fervor they are lashing out at Your people. We pray Your protection over Christians living in countries dominated by Islam and we especially bring before Your presence those who are new to faith in Christ. Protect them from physical harm that could arise from those who question their lack of participation in fasting and other rituals. Protect them from turning away from You in fear. Teach them and strengthen them to stand boldly in the power and authority of Christ as they turn humbly before Your throne of grace. And, Holy Spirit, we pray for Your work of redemption in the hearts of many to bring about a mighty turning in true faith and worship, that all the world might see and know that Jesus Christ is Lord. And it is in the glorious name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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