Recently engaged man loses his fiancee, mother and nephew in IS Baghdad bombings

September 15, 2014 by Open Doors

The violent jihadist incursion into Iraq is suspected of attacks in Baghdad Sept. 10 that killed about 30 people and injured several others.

Three car bombs exploded minutes apart in Alghadeer, a Shi’ite neighborhood in eastern Baghdad. The bombings occurred as US Secretary of State John Kerry visited the capital to offer support to Iraq’s new prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, in fighting the insurgent force, which calls itself the Islamic State.

Among the victims were a Christian couple who had become engaged Sept. 4. The man, Essam Elsamak, survived while his fiancee, Raghda Adel, mother Maha Sallem Elsamak and three-year-old nephew Ouday Imad, were killed. The bombing occurred in the evening while they were walking in an Alghadeer shopping area.

“These last explosions were so close, we were about to die,” said a 40 year-old Christian woman who lives in lghadeer. “I don’t know if we will make it abroad or dying here. We can’t stand living in horror here anymore!”

World Watch Monitor is withholding the woman’s name for security purposes.

“My husband and I were about to enter the market that evening, but seeing it so crowded my husband told me to go home,” she said. “Only 10 minutes after returning home, we heard a huge explosion and another one after it. My 15-year-old daughter started to cry, as she always gets shocked when she hears explosions nearby our house. She is so scared, and so is my 17-year-old son.”

“There is no future for us as Christians in Baghdad,” she said. “I will prevent my two children from going to school this year as the way to go out is dangerous. We want to leave, and we hear daily about other Christians who are getting visas and traveling abroad.”

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