Relentless Persecution in Laos

July 17, 2015 by Open Doors in Asia
Two pastors went to visit a family and minister to two sick members who were bedridden for some time and could not be healed medically. 
“The two pastors prayed for them and both were healed (though not instantly),” shared one believer. “Others from the nearby village heard the news and went to the family to inquire about their healing and newfound faith, which alerted the authorities.” 
The two pastors were then arrested. 
In a different province, a village chief tried to force five Christian families to deny Jesus. When they instead chose to cling to their faith, they were thrown into jail. In a neighboring province, two Christian leaders have been in prison since November for sharing the gospel. And seven families of around 30 people were evicted from their village because of their faith. 
Persecution is rampant in this country and these Christians are in need of our prayers. Please pray that God would allow them to remain strong in the face of persecution! 

Join others in praying.