Religious Intolerance on the Rise in Malaysia

September 18, 2015 by Janelle P in Asia

Pray for Malaysia as more and more cases of religious intolerance are happening in the country.

The most recent case involves a mission school, St. Mary, which was pressured by its predominantly Muslim Parent-Teacher Association to remove the cross from the school building.

Other cases involve several non-Muslim women who were forced to wear a ‘sarong’ (an overall) or towel to cover their legs because they were wearing skirts slightly above the knee when entering a government office building or hospital. The dress code policing started after a Muslim woman gymnast had been condemned for not covering herself according to Sharia law when she wore a leotard while performing in the ASEAN games, a sports event for Southeast Asian nations.

Another case involves a school teacher warning non-Muslim students not to drink in public or in front of their Muslim schoolmates who are fasting for Ramadan. Should they want to drink, they should do it in the bathroom. Earlier in April, a church was forced to remove the cross from their building by a group of Muslim demonstrators.

Though most of these cases were resolved amicably, they indicate a rising sense of religious intolerance by the Muslim community towards minority groups. Please pray for the church to respond wisely to this situation.

Join others in praying.