Russian Believer Threatened by Own Family

March 31, 2014 by Open Doors in General


Urgent plea for prayer from a brother in Russia.

For many believers the cost of faith is incredibly high, and so it is with Mansoor (alias). When his father discovered Mansoor’s new faith, he called a meeting with other family members to consider how to respond. Zealous for their family’s important position in society, they believe that Mansoor’s conversion has brought an enormous shame upon them that can only be removed by the shedding of blood, Mansoor’s blood.

At the family council’s meeting consensus was reached that they should take away his children, send his wife back to her parents, and sentence Mansoor to death. They are now giving him only a short time to reconsider the ramifications of his decision and to deny his faith, before carrying out their intentions.

Mansoor’s situation has become more complicated because his mother and older brother prayed to receive Christ after he shared the gospel with them. He is now concerned that they are also in serious danger, and are all in urgent need of our prayers!

Father, today we lift up Mansoor before Your presence. Thank You for his faith in Christ and for the newfound faith of his mother and brother as well. We praise You for the power of the gospel to change lives! And yet it comes with a price in this life, and we pray for Mansoor and his mother and brother as they consider Mansoor’s response to the family’s decision. We pray for protection, for their new faith to be strengthened, for their courage to remain faithful to Christ, for wisdom as Mansoor considers how to respond and for the words to speak. We pray for the hope of glory to surround them as they face the possibility of death, and for Christ to be honored through their lives in the midst of these dire circumstances. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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