Secret Believer Doesnt Keep His Faith a Secret as He Baptizes Hundreds

June 1, 2011 by Open Doors in General

Middle Eastern Believer

Some 25 years ago, a Middle-Eastern man named Boutros became a Christian. When he was arrested and questioned by the police several years ago, they asked him if he had baptized people. “I told them that I had baptized 1,000 people – the real figure at that time was only 700 but I increased the numbers because I knew I would probably soon reach that number.” Boutros is one of many secret believers who, when guided by God, doesn’t make a secret of his faith.

For Stanley, an Open Doors field worker, it was a great joy to meet him. “At his working place he has a cross hanging, and everyone who comes to his place sees it,” Stanley described after a visit to the place he works.¬†Boutros meets many people that want to know more about his faith. They ask him because it is clear by his words and actions that he’s a Christian. “I don’t have enough time during the day to talk with them. I have to work hard to earn enough money for my living,” he apologizes. “I earn just enough to buy my daily food.” But even though he must work hard, sometimes he is able to work and speak at the same time telling others about Christ. “I often have long conversations about the Christian faith,” he notes.

Boutros then told Stanley about a vision he had the week prior. “I was lying in a pool of water in a beautiful garden and all around me were many people that I’ve known previously who had since left my country and were living in other countries. All of them were praying for me. Through this I felt that God was assuring me that many people around the world were praying for me.”

Boutros and Stanley then went to a safe place where no one could overhear anything. “It seemed important for him to have some form of physical contact, so we held hands and prayed for just a few moments before he indicated that we should get back,” Stanley remembers. “Although admitting that he was a little afraid at that moment, he seemed in a good mood, and very much encouraged by the dream he had of people praying for him.”

“What a great testimony of how God uses our prayers for the persecuted Christians. The prayers are a huge comfort and support to many secret believers,” said Stanly.

Father, we give great thanks for our brother Boutros and the fact that he can talk about his faith while he works. We pray that he will continue to share and touch people’s lives, and that he will continually feel encouraged and blessed by the prayers of other Christians. Please protect him and continue to provide for him as he lives as a secret believer. Amen


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