Secret Believer Killed by Extremists in Somalia

April 27, 2011 by Open Doors in General

Somalia Man Praying

Early in the evening on April 18th, two members of the al-Shabaab Muslim extremist group stormed the house of a secret believer in the southern Somali state of Lower Shabele. Finding Hassan Adawe Adan, a 21 year old recent convert to Christianity, they dragged him outside and shot him several times. Hassan died immediately. His killers shouted “Allah Akbar” (translated “God is greater”) before fleeing the scene.

Hassan Adawe Adan had converted to Christianity several months earlier but kept his faith a secret from his Muslim family and friends out of fear. Since he lived at home with his Muslim parents, Hassan became more concerned when a relative, who belonged to the militant al-Shabaab Islamic group, shared his suspicions with his mother that he had become a Christian. Members of Hassan’s Christian community suspect that someone tipped off the al-Shabaab extremists that Hassan had become a born again believer.¬†

Somalia’s secret believers face persecution from both the northern Transitional Federal Government, which mandates the death penalty for converting from Islam and from al-Shabaab rebels who violently enforce sharia (Islamic law) throughout south and central Somalia. Hassan’s murder is even more devastating to the fragile Christian community as it falls on the footsteps of January’s slaying of Asha Mberwa, a young mother with four children, by the same al-Shabaab extremists.¬†According to a source in Somalia, “This incident is making other converts live in extreme fear, as the militants always keep an open eye to anyone professing the Christian faith.”

As the recent conversion of Hassan testifies, these courageous believers continue to share the truth of Jesus Christ and see Muslims come to saving faith. Pray for these persecuted Somali believers who live daily with the threat of death at the hands of militant Muslim groups. Ask that God would grant them protection, a spirit of forgiveness and love for their Muslim neighbors.

Father, thank you that your Spirit is at work in Somalia. Though Hassan Adawe Adan’s earthly life ended last Monday, we thank you that he is even now alive forever in your presence. We ask that you would fill the secret believers in Somalia with your peace that passes understanding even as they face daily persecution. Comfort them with a fresh revelation of your love and constant presence of your Spirit that drives away all fear. Please grant them boldness to continue to share the truth of Jesus Christ with those in their communities. We pray that Hassan’s family would come to a saving knowledge of Christ as they remember the testimony of their son’s life. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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