Severe Pressure in Nigeria’s Kano State

September 8, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

Christian Baba Kale Dankali (62) was at home in his village of Tundun Waka the evening of Aug. 15 when Muslims attacked and killed him. His son, Micah Kale (20) heard the gunshot, went outside to check what had happened and found his father. As he cried out in agony, the attackers returned and killed Micah as well. Both Baba Kale and his son were married and their widows fled with their children.

In a neighboring compound, attackers kidnapped three women and a baby. Local Christians say these latest attacks are part of an effort to uproot Christians who have been facing persecution from the government and the society in general for many years.

Seven years ago, during the 2010 post-election riots, eight churches were demolished by Muslims and have not been rebuilt, because locals have destroyed the rebuilding work every time. Some of the churches have simply decided to sell their land to the government and rebuild their churches elsewhere.

One church that chose to stay was the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA). Open Doors visited them recently and found the Christians there in great difficulty. After their church was destroyed in 2010, they tried several times to rebuild only to have local Muslims demolish everything overnight. The government is not doing anything to prevent this vandalism. So, the Christians are forced to gather for worship at the ruins of their church.

“The Lord has built his church in Tudun Wada and the gates of hell shall not prevail,” one of the pastors told Open Doors. “No matter what strategy they come up with, we know we are more than conquerors. Although the situation has been very frustrating, our faith has not been destroyed and we have decided we will never, ever get discouraged or leave our church.”

Father, we pray today for the family of Baba Kale Dankali and his son Micah Kale in their grief and fear. Wherever they are, protect them and sustain them. Guide their path that they might make wise decisions and be led to a place of safety and care. Protect, too, the women and children who were abducted. Hold them in Your care, show them Your presence with them, and return them soon to their families. We pray for all the believers in the Tudun Wada area that You will grant them much wisdom in how to respond to the persecution they are experiencing because of their faith in Christ. Make them a beacon of light and hope to lead people to Christ. In the name of Jesus, our sure anchor of hope in times of trouble. Amen.

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