Shelter from the Storm

June 12, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

When Cyclone Mora hit the coastal areas of Southern Bangladesh on May 30, over 300,000 people were displaced. Among the hardest hit were residents of the Rohingya refugee community, including many new Muslim background believers (MBBs). The Muslim-majority Rohingyas originated in neighboring Myanmar. Enduring severe persecution in their home country, they sought shelter in bordering countries such as Bangladesh. In the refugee camps, a number have turned to Christ through the ministry of local Christians and have experienced even more persecution because of their decision to follow Jesus.

The Open Doors field team in Bangladesh worked hard to distribute relief to the victims of Cyclone Mora who lost their homes in the storm, responding swiftly by extending plastic tarps for temporary shelters and financial aid for 40 families. But the help of Open Doors for the Rohingya believers began even before the cyclone hit. In addition to nurturing their fragile faith through biblical training, Open Doors provides practical aids to ensure that the new believers feel cared for by the larger body of Christ and that they remain faithful to Jesus. Please continue to pray for the affected believers and all the relief efforts.

Father, You are sovereign over the wind and the rain and You are sovereign over Your people. We pray for those whose lives have been changed by the cyclone that destroyed homes, leaving many homeless. Comfort and strengthen them, Father. Have mercy on them as they seek shelter and food. And cause those who do not yet believe to look to You in saving faith. We pray especially for the believers among the Rohingya people who are not only victims of the cyclone, but are also persecuted by their own people because of their faith in Christ. Encourage them to stand strong through both the storm that has left them in temporal need and the storm of persecution. Lift the eyes of their hearts to see You when they are afraid. And we thank You for the work of Open Doors field staff there as they extend shelter and financial help as well as spiritual training. In the name of Jesus, in whom we live and move and have our being. Amen.

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