Sister Lee from North Korea Discovered Life

December 8, 2010 by Open Doors in General

North Korean Woman

As the world’s focus is on the military crisis on the Korean peninsula, and the possible transition of power within North Korea, little is mentioned in the media about the people of North Korea, that despite dire circumstances, including famine and flooding, people’s lives are changed through the message of hope in Jesus Christ. Sister Lee shares her story how she learned of Jesus.

Sister Lee(name changed for protection),a small, fragile women crossed the border into China seeking food, knowing if caught she would be executed. Finding refuge in an Open Doors “safe house” she experienced kindness and love for the first time. This kindness confused her as Open Doors took care of her and visited her regularly. She wanted to stay in China, but the lives of seven people back home were at risk if she stayed. She knew she had to return home to North Korea.

An Open Doors co-worker shares, “I gave her a Bible, but she was afraid of it. Like all North Koreans, she was taught that Christianity is pure poison. I didn’t want to pressure her, so I just left the Bible. God had to make her interested.” She was also given some gospel music tapes, and wondered, “How is it possible that a song can describe my life? Is this book true?” she kept asking.

It’s difficult for North Koreans to comprehend the concept of a loving God. She asked our co-worker, “Who am I that you are so nice to me?” The answer, “God loves you and honors you. God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. He is preparing a place for you in heaven.” Lee became very emotional and wanted to become a child of God. Our co-worker said, “We prayed for her sins and I kept teaching her from the Bible. Her faith grew.”

The time came when Sister Lee had to return home. She promised to keep steadfast in her faith. It was too dangerous for her to take a Bible, so Sister Lee memorized the book of Romans before crossing the border. Open Doors will try to find her in North Korea and get a Bible in her hands.

Father, we pray that Your Holy Spirit would strengthen Sister Lee now too, as she confronts the hardship of being back in North Korea. We ask that you protect her as she shares Jesus with others, and ask that she is able to receive a Bible soon. Please shield it from discovery by watchful eyes, and may Your Words nourish her, and bring her comfort. We also join in prayer for others like her, that despite the threat of imprisonment or death, they choose to return to North Korea to share the message of hope in Your Son, Jesus Christ.


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