Six More Families Are Now Under the Threat of Expulsion in Laos

November 18, 2010 by Open Doors in General

Earlier this year we prayed for our brothers and sisters in Laos who were marched outside of their village at gunpoint. Unable to return to their homes, since January these 48 Christians have been living a hand-to-mouth existence in a nearby jungle.  Compass News now reports that officials in Katin village have ordered six more Christian families to renounce their faith or face expulsion.

The threat of eviction however has not stopped other members of the village from turning to Christ. Immediately after the expulsion in January, two families in Katin village became Christians despite the obvious risk to their personal safety. The village chief allowed them to remain in Katin but warned all villagers that their own homes would be “torn down” if they made contact with the expelled Christians.

A communist country, Laos is 1.5 percent Christian and 67 percent Buddhist, with the remainder unspecified. Article 6 and Article 30 of the Lao Constitution guarantee the right of Christians and other religious minorities to practice the religion of their choice without discrimination or penalty. In July, in spite of talk by higher officials of legal guarantees of the rights of religious minorities, village heads said they would shoot every Christian who returned to Katin. Shortly after this discussion took place, a further four families in Katin became Christians.

For our brothers and sisters in Laos we ask that  You provide for all of their needs, both physical and spiritual. And for the  six families facing expulsion, we pray for courage and strength to withstand  the pressure to renounce their faith. Father, let their witness be a testimony  to others; may there be a mighty revival because of these few faithful. As we  join in prayer for them; we also stand in prayer for the leaders of the  village… may their hearts turn to You. 

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