Solar Panels Bring Light to Believers in Gaza

July 30, 2013 by Open Doors in General

Solar Panels Bring Light to Believers in Gaza

Lack of nearly everything is a daily reality for residents of Gaza. Many, unemployed and with nearly exhausted resources, ask the church for help. Open Doors assists the churches of Gaza in reaching out to the poorest among the believers via small, targeted projects.

A member of a church in Gaza was proud to shows recent visitors where the wires go. “This lamp,” she points out, “is connected to this wire that takes you to the generator in the hallway.” Another church member took Open Doors visitors to the house of a disabled believer whose life has been improved through a small project. She led them up a dark staircase onto the roof where blinding sunlight is providing energy for the two solar panels that have revolutionized the life of the disabled believer. Supplying elderly and disabled believers with solar panels is one of the small projects that the church in Gaza is doing to meet the needs of poor believers while also providing jobs for others. 

“Electricity is not a given thing in Gaza,” the church member shares. “You might have it for several hours a day, but then it goes down and you have to light your house with candles. This is a problem for everyone in Gaza, but for the old and disabled it’s particularly dangerous. The elderly nurse of a disabled lady we visited shared a story that proves this. Just yesterday her sister’s house burnt down. She said that when the electricity went out her sister used a candle to light the house, but the candle fell and the curtains caught fire. My sister got away on time, but she lost everything. I’m very grateful that the church gave us solar panels so we don’t have to be afraid that the same will happen to us.”

Though many in Gaza have left the area because of the difficult living conditions, the trend has slowed down a bit in recent years. It has been suggested that the church’s relief work, in combination with spiritual aid, may have contributed to this recent decrease in emigration.

Father, we pray for the people of Gaza who have suffered so greatly for a long time. We give thanks for Your church there as she partners with Open Doors in bringing help by providing solar panels. We call on You to continue to grow Your church in Gaza and increase her ministry. Grant resources that Christians might reach out effectively with the mercy and grace You have granted them. And bring peace to this war-stricken land. In the name of Jesus who bends His ear to hear the cries of His people and reaches down to comfort and empower them as they serve Him on earth. Amen.

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