South Sudanese Pastors’ Verdict Coming in August

July 17, 2015 by Janelle P

This past Tuesday, July 14, was the trial of Yat Michael and Peter Yen in a Khartoum court. The defense presented two witnesses, an IT expert and a retired army general.

The pastors have stated that some of the “incriminating” documents allegedly found on their computers are not theirs. The IT expert testified that it is easy for others to plant the documents on their computers without their knowledge. The retired general testified that the documents used as evidence against the pastors are in the public domain and are not related to military or other state secrets as had been alleged.

Observers from a number of foreign embassies were present at yesterday’s hearing. An official from the Sudanese Ministry of Justice told one of the pastors’ lawyers that the extent of outside interest has led the government to take a very close interest in the case.

The next hearing will be on July 23, but that will apparently only be for procedural purposes. The verdict is expected during a hearing on August 5.

Please continue to pray for our brothers:

· May they continue to experience the Lord’s strength and courage as they face uncertainties.

· Thank the Lord for the interaction from the international community and please pray that they will continue to monitor it. Pray that the Lord will use this scrutiny to ensure justice.

· Pray for their families to also experience the Lord’s provision in every need.

· Pray for Mohaned Mustafa for continued wisdom as he supports the pastors through this legal process.

Sudan is ranked #6 on the Open Doors 2015 World Watch List of the 50 worst persecutors of Christians.

Compiled by Janelle Powers. For media inquiries, contact Christine Cape at 404-545-0085 or Christy Lynn Wilson at 770-401-9842.

Join others in praying.