Southeast Asia Christians, Above and Below Ground, Share Iftar

June 15, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

This is the month of Ramadan for Muslims around the world. In a country in Southeast Asia, Open Doors field workers  organized an Iftar (breaking of fast) gathering for leaders of both Muslim Background Believers (MBBs), who worship in underground churches, and Christians who worship in above ground churches. This was the second effort to bridge the gap between both groups of believers, where none existed before due to the fear of persecution. Please pray that a spirit of unity will be fostered among these highly segregated members of the body of Christ in the country. Pray also that they will continue to fellowship and build strong bonds of love with each other.

A group of Western Christians also attended this gathering and met with the MBBs where they were given an opportunity to share and pray together. One believer said, “This meeting was special, very special, for me. An MBB shared with me about the challenges she faced and how God is working in her life. I do not get to hear this much since back in my country, many [MBBs]  are not following Jesus anymore.”

On the other hand, the MBB who shared with her said, “I felt so touched that God always hears our prayers. This prayer point that I am holding is about secret believers in my country. As a secret believer myself, I could share with these Western Christians what was in my heart so that they can always pray for me. I thank God for this gathering. ”

We pray to You, Father, the One True and Living God, that in this month of Ramadan, when Muslims around the world are seeking Your favor, that You will make Yourself known to them and draw them to Yourself through faith in Christ. Thank You for this opportunity for Muslim Background Believers and other Christians in Southeast Asia to gather together to pray for each other and for the name of Christ to be spread across the region by a powerful work of Your Holy Spirit. Unite these believers in a common aim to make known among their families and neighbors the hope of Christ that is within them. And strengthen our own resolve to pray faithfully toward the end of seeing the light of Christ break through the spiritual darkness the pervades these nations. In the name of Jesus whose light we reflect to a world in great need of saving faith, Amen.

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